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2008maybabies's Journal

Babies (to be) born in May 2008
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Moms-and-Dads-to-be looking forward to the arrival of their little one!
This is a community for those of us who are pregnant and due in May 2008. This is a great place to talk about problems and concerns, share joys, and babble on about babies, baby equipment, nurseries, hormones, etc. when everyone else you know is tired of hearing about it!


1. Please feel free to post about anything you like, as long as it is *somehow* related to your pregnancy/baby.
2. Be respectful
*Do not use racial/ethnic/social slurs (no comments based on sexual preferences or physical/mental capabilities)
*Do not call each other names
*Do not insult someone's intelligence
3. Do not delete comments! I know that sometimes pregnancy hormones can make one nutty, but don't use that as an excuse not to own your own words!
4. Don't change the font size or color. It makes it difficult for some folks to read!
5. Get mod's permission before posting ads/promotions
6. You will more than likely get advice you didn't ask for at some point. Deal with it!
7. If you have a concern, please bring it to the attention of the mods: maymods@gmail.com