Faerie (faeriemoo) wrote in 2008maybabies,

Fetal movements

Anyone else experiencing a change in fetal movement?

I'm trying not to worry too much, as I'm still experiencing the 'minimum' number of recommended movements per day,  but I am a little concerned, I will admit.

I'm not feeling the same movement over the past few days. Baby seems a lot quieter, movements seeming a lot fainter (more like the flutters in earlier pregnancy) with no obvious sort of limbs, if you get what I mean? There doesn't seem to be any sort of pattern to baby's movements anymore, (i.e. more active at night, etc.) just random flutterings and not directed at any particular part of my bump.

I shall be at the midwife unit tomorrow evening for an antenatal class, so just wondered if anyone thought it was worth mentioning?

I'm 29+3 (but measuring around 32 weeks if that makes a difference)

X-posted to May and June community, sorry if you see it twice.
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