Faerie (faeriemoo) wrote in 2008maybabies,

Discussing names with DD

I'm trying to sort out some of the baby's things and got speaking about it with Daisy. She called the baby by it's girls name (DH hates it, but DD and I love it so that's what she calls it Laughing). I said to her that Mummy's cousin is having a baby before Mummy and that she might be using that name (Sad) so if she does, we will use a new name for the baby.

"What other names do you like, Daisy?"
"That is a lovely name, but I don't think Daddy will like it very much."
"But Mummy and Daisy like it, so it's fine, Mummy!"

Two minutes later:
"Mummy, it's a baby pussycat, so we'll have to call it kitten!" *big proud smile*

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