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Hi! I'm new!

Hello everybody. I meant to join this community a bit back but I forgot, doh.

Here's my little profile thingy:

Your name: May.
Your partner's name: David.
Location: Auckland, NZ.
When is your due date? May 14th :D
Is this your first child? No, I have a 5 year old daughter named Rahel and a 17 month old son named Vegas.
Any other information you'd like to share? As you can see by my icon, I'm not finding out the sex of the baby until it comes out of me lol.

First I wanted to find out but David didn't. We found out with Vegas so I had to make a deal that we wouldn't this time lol. Not that I believe the doctors anyway cos they told us Rahel was a boy o_O

I was supposed to have my week 20 ultrasound on the dawn of my 20th week, but since the first day of week 20 of my pregnancy is on Boxing Day lol, I'm having it done on the 27th instead.

I haven't felt the baby kick yet, but I'm hoping it's gonna be this week or next and I hope David is around to feel it when it happens :D

Also I am finding it hard to decide on middle names for the baby - we have decided on the name Shawn for a boy and the name Imara for a girl, but we can't decide on middle names lol. First we were gonna use our first names but I thought that was too cheesey XD

Man sorry I'm rambling but it's cool to chat to other people who are due in the same month as me!
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